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BOTOX: the beauty industry

FACEBOOK: are you connected?

ZARA: fast fashion model

Business English Study – Elementary

 ADIDAS vs PUMA: competition

ALDI vs LIDL: low price wars

 ALEX FERGUSON: leadership

ALEXA & SIRI: who’s listening?

AMAZON: a global shop

 APPLE: think different

 BEN & JERRY’S: sweet business

 BENETTON: publicity issues

BILL GATES: how to present

 BLACKBERRY: rise and fall


CITIZENM HOTELS: guest service

 COCA-COLA: global branding

DELL: customer service

 EASYJET: colour branding

 EBAY: buying and selling

 FLIXBUS: transport solutions

 GOOGLE: making money

 GOOGLE MAPS: directions

GREENPEACE: activism business

GUCCI: saving the business

HARRY POTTER: the business

 IKEA: customer help

 JACK WELCH: hire and fire

JOSE MOURINHO: management

 KODAK: business mistakes

LONELY PLANET: travel business

 MANOLO BLAHNIK: sexy shoes

 McDONALD’S: globalisation


 MINECRAFT: build a business

NINTENDO: innovation success

 RAY-BAN: cool product

 REAL MADRID: the Galacticos

 RED BULL: buzz marketing

 ROLEX: business timing


 RYANAIR: low-cost success 

 SPOTIFY: music business

SWATCH: business timing

 THE ART of WAR: old lessons

THE BODY SHOP: businesswomen

 VESPA: traffic issues

 VIRGIN: big branding

 VODAFONE: telephone skills

WHATSAPP: data mining

WIKIPEDIA: free knowledge?

 YOUTUBE: user-generated