Intermediate Student – Free lessons

 ADIDAS vs. PUMA: competition

 ALIBABA: Chinese tech

 APPLE: think different

 ASTON MARTIN: selling style

BEN & JERRY’S: sweet business

 BENETTON: publicity issues

 BILL GATES: presentation skills

 BLACKBERRY: rise and fall

 BRATZ vs. BARBIE: toys?

 BREWDOG: punk beer

 DELL: customer service

 DUOLINGO: communication

 EASYJET: colour branding

 EBAY: creating entrepreneurs

 FNAC: copyright issues

 GOOGLE: how to monetise

 GRAMEEN BANK: micro-finance

 GTA-V: the gaming business

 GUCCI: saving the business


 InterContinental Hotels: guests

 IKEA: customer support

 JACK WELCH: winners & losers

 JOSE MOURINHO: special?

 LEGO: building business

 LINKEDIN: networking

 LLOYD’S of LONDON : risk

 LONELY PLANET: travel sector

 MAERSK: global transport

  MAKITA: the tool business

 McDONALD’S: global food

NETFLIX: business media

NINTENDO: innovation

 RED BULL: buzz marketing

RING: security business

RYANAIR: low-cost model

SAP: the cloud

 SMEG: brand cool

SPOTIFY: music business

STARBUCKS: coffee+

SWATCH: timing

TESLA: electric cars

The ART of WAR: strategy

The BODY SHOP: women


VESPA: a traffic solution

 VIRGIN: big branding

 VODAFONE: telephone skills


 YOUTUBE: user-generated

 ZARA: fast fashion model