Red Bull: intermediate – Student

Watch the FILM (1 minutes)

SPEAKING PRACTICE: Give your Opinion:

What makes Red Bull so popular?

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GRAMMAR POINT: Passive Voice

The Passive voice is used in business to make the situation less personal and more formal.
I will pay the invoice today (active). The invoice will be paid today (passive)

It is also used when an action is more important than the agent, for example, reporting the news.
The demand for energy drinks has increased by 20%

We can also emphasise the agent using ‘by’ at the end of the sentence
The energy drink market is dominated by Red Bull  

to be + past participle
The object of the “active” sentence becomes subject in the “passive” sentence
The subject of the “active” sentence becomes “object” in the “passive” sentence” (or is removed if not necessary)
Active: He opened the door
Passive: The door was opened (subject not necessary)
Active:  Mateschitz discovered the drink in Thailand
Passive:  The drink was discovered in Thailand by Mateschitz (subject necessary)

Now take the TEST


What are the four 'P's of Red Bull's marketing strategy?


Where is the bottle?


You go for a job at Red Bull and they ask:'Why buy a Red Bull when other drinks are cheaper?'

What is the best response?


Describe this image in 20 words (approximately)


15 million cans of Red Bull .............   ........... in 2022


I had terrible .......... ........ after the flight


The drink ............ .......... Red Bull by Mateschitz


Brand ..................... is how people recognise your product


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