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GRAMMAR: Prepositions of Place

In – a position inside a larger area, or larger space.
I’ll meet you in the office.
The report is in the newspaper

On – something touching a surface, or a location –  a river or a road.
My bag is on the table
London is on the river Thames

To – describes movement to a location.
I drive to work every day.
She went to Paris yesterday.

From – describes movement away from a place.
They travelled from London to Sydney
We ordered a computer from the manufacturers

Under – describes a position below something else.
The suitcase is under the bed
The car park is under the hotel

Over – describes a position above something else.
Airplanes fly over the city 
The bridge goes over the road

Across – describes moving from one side to another.
The tourists travelled across the city
The airplane flew across the Atlantic Ocean

Take the TEST

1. Where was Carnival Cruise Line founded?

Click on the microphone and ask: 'What weather is this?'


What weather is this?



The bridge goes ......... the river and the ship is ......... the river


Every day I ........... to work, and sometimes I take a .......... to another country


London is ........ the river Thames and 450 km ......... Paris


Writing Practice: Describe the image (20 words - approximately)


Ted Arison began taking passengers .......... visit the Caribbean ..............

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Pass the TEST with 75% for a certificate



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