Botox: elementary – Student

Watch the FILM – take the TEST

GRAMMAR: Questions using ‘Wh’ Words

Asking about people – WHO
Who is the manager? Tom is the manager

Asking about things – WHAT
What time is it? It is 3pm

Asking about the time – WHEN
When do you finish work? I finish at 6pm

Asking about location – WHERE
Where is the clinic? The clinic is in London

Asking about reason – WHY
Why do you use Botox? Because I want to look young


  • Wrinkles – lines on the face caused by aging
  • Bags  – skin swelling under the eyes
  • Bald – loss of hair on the head

Take the TEST


........... is your name and ............ do you live?


Click the microphone and ask: 'Where is the injection?'



Writing practice: Describe what you see in the image (15 words - approximately.)


...... is the president of America?


You go for a job at Botox clinic and the interviewer asks: 'What are wrinkles?'

What is the best response?


Question: ............. are you studying English?

Answer: To get a better job


............. is the meeting and ........... is it about?

10. Be a part of Business English Study.

How can we improve the lessons?

Is fire hot or cold?


Pass the TEST with 75% for a certificate



Jobs at Botox