Adidas vs Puma: elementary – Student

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GRAMMAR PRACTICE: Either, Neither, Both

In a question when there are two alternatives we use either … or
Either we go to the conference or we go to the home

In a negative statement when there are two alternatives we use neither … nor
Neither Adidas nor Puma dominate the sportswear market

BOTH means a quantity of two in the positive
Do you like Adidas or Puma? I like them both
Both of the companies are German

Take the TEST


Where did the brothers start making sports shoes?


Describe this image?

3. Click on the microphone and ask: When did their business expand?

Where does the name 'Adidas' come from?


Either we play basketball ........ we play baseball


We are waiting for a ............. of sport shoes.


The bank ............ me $1,000 to start my business


These football boots are $40. I think that is a .................


Cinema or sport, I don't like  .........

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How can we get better together?


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