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GRAMMAR POINT: Modal Verbs – Can, May

We use modal auxiliary verbs can, may, must in the English language for various meanings – ability, possibility, probability, certainty, permission, prohibition, obligation, opinion, speculation, etc.

CAN – Used to express the ability to do something.
I can swim
Can he can speak English fluently? – No, he can’t.
It expresses the possibility to do something.
We can go to the presentation, if you like

We use can to say that something is probable.
It cannot be John. He has blond hair and wears glasses.

It expresses the permission to do something.
You can sit down if you like

It is used for permissions.
You may borrow my car. I won’t need it.
May I smoke here? – No, you can’t, I’m sorry.

The main difference between may and can is in style. May is more formal. Can is typical of spoken English.
The opposite of may is must not or may not.

May I smoke here?
– No, you mustn’t smoke here. (strong prohibition)

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What happened in 1961?


What are these?


......... I ask, do you think we ....... ........ ...... the contract if we'd lowered the price?


Describe this image in 20 words (approximately)


...... we hurry up, the presentation is going to start ..... ..... .... ?


You go for a job at Adidas and they ask: 'Are you a team player or do you like to work independently?'

What is the best response?


The sportswear market was ....... over $400 billion in 2023


Puma and Adidas are famous brands, but the UK favours Nike by a ..........   ..................


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